Inventory count API issue

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Our e-commerce platform gets stock levels from inventory in lightspeed via the API. We just pull through the changes since the last time it checked to keep it simple. 

The problem comes when we adjust inventory levels in Lightspeed via an inventory count. Doing so doesn’t appear to update the time stamp of the items that it adjusts. Therefore the API can’t see the changes and everything quickly gets out of sync.

Can anyone at Lightspeed let me know if this is a bug, something we’ll need to workaround, or are we missing something?
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  • andyandy Posts: 10Member
  • gregaricangregarican Posts: 242Member 
    Quick question. If you look in the front end web client, do you see the activity in the Inventory Change Logs for an item that was adjusted?
  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 422Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    @andy I've done some testing and I note that the timeStamp changes intermittently. You can make a count and a given item might have an update in the timeStamp, or it unfortunately simply might not. It might be better for you to check the ItemShops relation against a previous stock level that you persist a DB record.
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    Not to interject here, but wouldn't this be considered a defect that would require fixing? Reason I'm asking is that I have a fair amount of API routines that rely on timeStamp values being consistently defined. If there is some inconsistency present then this is a concern. Retooling a fair amount of custom code isn't as desirable as patching the bug really :smiley:
  • andyandy Posts: 10Member
    @Adrian Samuel Sounds like a pretty major flaw. Do you think it’s only related to the Inventory Counts tool? What’s the process from here? 
  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 422Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    @andy I really couldn't say, it might be that DB time stamp updates run a time routine and if I waited a bit longer it would have updated. It really requires end to end testing to see what's really happening.

    I'll file a bug for our developers to look into this.
  • NiguNigu Posts: 6Member

    Hey @Adrian Samuel

    I've also faced with this issue.

    It happens if you change Inventory could inline in Inventory Details:

    You will see "Working" and "Saved Changes" notification, but you can find that Total Remaining still incorrect and does not match sum of Remaining input values. Also Item.timeStamp is not changed too - so you can't get this quantity change by timeStamp filtering. History tab also will show old information.

    You can add "0" into Quantity input in Add Inventory box and press "Add Inventory" which will do nothing but update Item timeStamp, Inventory Details and History tab. But it's definitely not a best solution, so hope it will be fixed soon.

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