UPS Negotiated Rates are Returned via ShipStation

beewellbeewell Posts: 3Member
We connected ShipStation to Lightspeed... in ShipStation we connected our UPS account. The rates that are returned to the customer in Lightspeed are our discounted rates.... Does anyone know if we can return UPS Published rates and not our discounted rate?


  • JoeyJoey Posts: 172Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    The ShipStation website mentions a checkbox to enable/disable negotiated rates:
    The negotiated rates option must be checked in the UPS setup window in Settings > Shipping > Carriers & Fulfillment. If you have not yet configured ShipStation to pull your negotiated rates from UPS, ShipStation will display the standard rates. Keep in mind that in this case, regardless of the rate displayed by ShipStation, UPS will invoice you the rate you have agreed upon.
    Hope that helps!

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  • agscanadaagscanada Posts: 30Member ✭

    We are having the exact opposite issue. Customer is paying for non discounted rate and then once we ship the item it's nearly half.

    Losing sales at checkout because the rate is so high. Also, the ShipStation option is not applying proper taxes to shipping.

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