How do I even start?

jonsayerjonsayer Posts: 1Member
I'm a developer new to working with Lightspeed. I have a client who needs to connect their lightspeed POS with their Salesforce customer data, and I am not sure were to start. Specifically is something mentioned on this page:

Under "Can I test out the API or build apps with the Lightspeed Demo?", it reads, “a Lightspeed Developer Exchange membership and licensed Lightspeed Server is required for development at this time”.

I'm having trouble understanding what all of that means, and phone support said to post here.

My question is How do I get a development instance of Lightspeed that I can work on without working on my client's live instance (ie. currently taking orders)?

Do I need to pay for an additional license? Do they have no "sandbox" or equivalent?

Thanks ahead of time for your help, and sorry for the noob question :)
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