Does the inventory count have to auto-populate 1 instead of 0 before counting?

blissboulderblissboulder Member Posts: 3
If a product needs to be zeroed out it's frustrating to go through hundreds of products and change all of the auto-populated counts of 1 to 0. Am I missing something?


  • AhmedRachediAhmedRachedi Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 35 Lightspeed
    hi @blissboulder ,

    it should be possible through the "Missed" section to Zero out multiple Items (up to a 100) at once:

    In the Missed section you can click on the checkbox next to Zero Selected Items at the bottom of the list to select all items. Once you click on the Zero Selected Items button it will count the items automatically at 0.
    You can change the number of visible items in the list by clicking on X PER PAGE to change the number.

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  • onlinepenguinonlinepenguin Member Posts: 20

    since 98% of our inventory counts are accurate, it would be helpful to pre-populate with the computer count on record and then you would only have to change the 2-10% of inventory counts that are incorrect and then none would be "missed". It seems a waste of time to enter data on 90%+ of the items that are already in system and are correct.

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