Rental Shop Manager Integration Issue: Lightspeed adds tax to tax class with 0% tax

biruchanbiruchan Member Posts: 1

I am running Rental Shop Manager with Lightspeed POS to process bin rentals at Eco-Cycle's CHaRM shop in Boulder, CO. I have confirmed that both RSM and Lightspeed are properly linked and configured. When processing a rental transaction at checkout, Lightspeed is adding tax to orders generated in RSM. However, no tax should be added.

RSM is properly linked to Lightspeed with a non-inventory item "RSMLink" with "Taxable" selected in pricing (this is necessary for the link to function properly" and a tax class "Bin Rental" selected, which has 0% tax assigned to it.

Please take a look at the attached screen shots for reference.

Thank you in advance for helping to troubleshoot this problem.

Kind regards,

Bill Germain

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