Lightspeed and Genius (CAYAN)

I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issues we are.

  • Press payment type in Lightspeed (Visa / Amex / Ect). 
  • Take Genius device to the table
  • Stick CC in
  • Enter tip
  • click go on Genius payment device
  • The word "Approved" appears on Genius device. However, on LIGHTSPEED you must wait as the payment is not done yet
  • If you take the card out before a 2nd Approval appears on the Genius device 3 times out of ten the payment will not show up on LIGHTSPEED 
  • In some instances, if I log into CAYAN directly I will see the payment is there, in some instances it is not there.
This is creating some serious havoc on our accounting. 

Since the install last July, we have not had One Month reconcile correctly. 
Lightspeed always shows more than what the processor shows.

Any thoughts or ideas would be very appreciated. 

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  • CatherineCatherine Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 Lightspeed
    Hi Mr. Picataggio, 

    Sorry for the delay on this. It is definitely not normal to be having these kind of issues, and there could be multiple different causes. 

    To be able to investigate, when you have an issue happening, please note down the Receipt ID of the transaction, and upload the logs of the device. To do so, you need to go back to login screen, press on Tools > Upload logs. You can either call in or email the issue description with the Receipt ID and logs uploaded, with these details we will be able to investigate and fix the issues. 

    Also, the community forum isn't the best place to report issues like that. For immediate assistance, I invite you to call our 24h/7 days phone support line. You can also email at restaurant [email protected] and we should reply within 24 business hours. 

    Best Regards,

    Catherine Desgroseilliers
    Lightspeed Support

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