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Got another question for everyone!  Talked to lightspeed support today, and I thought I understood but I after I tried his solution after we hung up, I couldn't figure it out.  So I trying to figure out what is the best way to track inventory when it comes in a box and I can sell whats in the box individually and in case.  For example,  I sell 1 case of Pool shock.  Inside that box are 2 twelve packs of shock.  Which then I also can open that up and sell them individually.  So for example, I charge 3.99 for single packs, then I give a deal if they buy 12 pack - 45.99, and then a case is 84.99.  Theres a total of 24 single packs in the case.   Support was explaining the whole box option for the case, but then I guess I just got confused.  Thanks in advance whoever has a good way in explaining!! 


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    Hi @discountpools60 ,

    In Lightspeed you can create a Box Item. A box item is an item that can be sold individually, but that has the added feature of containing other Items.

    So, in essence, we need to create a Box Item for the Cases, that contain a Box item for the Packs which contain the single packs, so:

    Case of Boxes (Box Item Type) > Box of Packs (Box Item Type) > Single Pack (Single Item Type)

    Here's how to create an item that's in a box within another box!

    STEP 1

    Create an Item for the largest format:

    The Case and make sure it's a Box type. Once you're done entering information about the Item click on Save Changes.

    STEP 2

    Determine how many Items the Case contains:

    Once you save changes you should see a "Box" menu show up for the item on the left. Click on this to reveal the following menu:

    The Create Single Item menu is where we tell the system what's in the Box Item. This will also create a separate Item (which will be our "Box of packs") in the Inventory automatically for you.

    By default the name of the Item will be whatever you called the Box Item with the word "single" afterward. You can simply rename the Item and then indicate how many you have per box. In this case we have 2 packs:

    Step 3

    Modifying the "Pack" Item and turning it into a box for Single Packs

    In the page where we created our "Discount PACK" click on the Item's description which will bring you to this page:

    We need to change the Item type of this from Single to Box because it too contains multiple items.

    Notice as well that the price is automatically half of the 85$ you would pay for the case as well. This is done by default in the system but, no worries, we can change that here too!

    Once you're done modifying the details, save, and go to the Box menu for the Pack item:

    Each pack contains 12 items, so indicate this and click on +Create Single.

    You can then do exactly what we did earlier and click on the Single item's name to change it's price and any other information.

    So once all of this is set up...

    When ordering your Cases you can stick to ordering the LARGEST format and when you receive them you can Break them down into Packs and then break down your pack into singles.

    For more information on how to Break down boxes and more click HERE for steps and Video!

    Best Regards,

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    awesome thanks!!!

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