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We currently love the Box breakdown feature, Especially the part that if the item is "0" inventory it automatically breaks down the box.

Now in assemblies, I enjoy this feature also, However if you sell an item at "0" inventory it creates an auto-add(hopefully soon negative inventory) however, it would be great if this did the same as the box feature where it auto pull from the assembly items.

I'm not sure how to request a feature, but this is one that would help us allot. 

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  • AhmedRachediAhmedRachedi Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 35 Lightspeed

    Hey there @Cheyne Cottrell ,

    your best bet to submit a feature is to use our Ideas page.

    We have implemented a process called Lightspeed Ideas which allows users to make suggestions directly to our Product Management team. We always like to hear from Lightspeed users as they you are directly impacted by Lightspeed's features and workflows, and have a great perspective on how to improve them as well as indicating which features may be beneficial in the future.

    To submit your Idea:

    (Start by logging into your Lightspeed POS account.)

    1. Go to help and click on suggestions and ideas

    2. Start typing your idea for Lightspeed. (Please keep ideas to one topic at a time so that we may promote discussion around this idea and update the status accordingly.)

    3. If your idea has already been posted by another user, it will display for you to add your vote against it.

    4. If your idea has not already been posted, you will be able to click 'Post a New Idea' and provide details and a workflow in which your idea may be used within Lightspeed. Other users will also be able to discus the idea with you and how it may be used in their business.

    Ideas will have their statues updated once they are being reviewed, planned or completed.

    We strive to make Lightspeed the most intuitive and useful POS platform available, and we thank you for your participation in the improvement of the software. Many factors contribute to the evolution of Lightspeed, and the input of our users is among the most important.

    As far as negative inventory is concerned, stay tuned because it should be arriving shortly. Unfortunately we have no official date yet but we're expecting it some time soon.

    Ahmed Rachedi

    Ahmed Rachedi
    Lightspeed Customer Success 

    866-932-1801 ext 2 (Toll-Free)
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