Adding Short and Long Description to an Item's associated Web Store

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Hello I am once again in a position where the API doesn't appear to have any documentation for the operation I'm trying to preform.

I want to add the long and short description to an items associated web store. I'm looking on the api and i dont see any references to "Web Store" or long and short descriptions

Is there a page I'm not seeing?

Is there some way I can change the long and short description of the Item through the api?



  • meatcomputermeatcomputer Member Posts: 24

    So I can update the long and short description with the API if I add it manually first. But still have no way of creating/updating a long and short description if they dont already exist .

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    Hey @meatcomputer,

    You'd form your request like this:

    PUT -{{accountID}}/Item/{{itemID}}.json
        "ItemECommerce": {
            "longDescription": "<p>Longish desc</p>",
            "shortDescription": "<p>Short desc</p>"

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