Moving logo to the upper left in the Work Order receipt?

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how can I move the logo to the upper left and remove the shop info beneath it so I can place it somewhere else?



  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator

    Hey @weemo, inside the template you have some CSS between the styles section that looks like this

    {% block extrastyles %}
    {% endblock extrastyles %}

    In that section simply replace

    .header img {
      display: block;	
      margin: 8px auto 4px;

    with this:

    .header img {
      display: block;	
      margin: 0px;

    All we're doing is removing the margin on the image, bringing it back to its default position which is the top-left.

    To place the shop info elsewhere would be to use CSS. To remove it would be to delete it altogether...which you only want to do if you know how to write it. Since you want to just move it, use CSS to move it to another portion of the template

    The shop info is found between 253-263 in the template:

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  • weemoweemo Member Posts: 8

    thanks Adrian. I want to move the shop info but at the same height of the Customer information. I tried doing a three column template with no success. Trying to customize this template to look more like the ecom invoice.

  • weemoweemo Member Posts: 8

    ok I am almost done but cant move that shop info to the left thanks

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