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We are using lightspeed as third-party api to integrate the point-of-sale solution into our customers, however, as has already been reported in a previous topic of mine (this: https://community.lightspeedhq.com/en/discussion/comment/ 6497 # Comment_6497) some functions are not possible to be used by the API only by lightspeed dashboard itself.

Our current question is whether for every action on the dashboard (or any if available) is there any kind of web hook or if we can configure some? Because as we are in communication with you some things need to be updated in our database and others even included.

Thank you for your support.


  • messhiasmesshias Posts: 35Member

    Ok, thanks for your answer.

  • fanaticfanatic Posts: 2Member

    Adding webhooks to LS retail SPI would be a very appreciated feature. Developers need to connect LS with their own projects or third party market places.

    We are currently having problems syncing our products from LS and webhooks will be a great solution. I consider that in 2019 is quite old fashioned that Lightspeed Retail API lacks webhooks

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    +1 for webhooks

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