Lightspeed payment gateway

MitéMité Member Posts: 1

We are using the POS for in-store sales. Our next goal is to update our website to be able to do sales online. This is a website that is custom built by us and is not related to Lightspeed. Since we are already using LS for our POS payments, we would like to be able to use LS for payments on our website too so that all our payments, in-store and online, go in the same place which is our LS account.

We were wondering if LS offers some sort of a payment gateway similar to or Stripe. Our custom website is built using C# and .Net.

I was able to find some documentation for the API at this link:

I was not able to find some examples though of how the whole payment flow should look like. For example, how to capture funds, charge a card, do refunds etc.

Does Lightspeed offer this type of functionality that I'm looking for?

Thank you!

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