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Hi I have a call that usually works without any problems that started to throw error (probably due to this specific item being queried)

Any Idea what the problem could be?

I get this error:

{"httpCode":"400","httpMessage":"Bad Request","message":"Item not updated. You can not have more than one ItemVendorNum for each vendorID.","errorClass":"Exception"}

With the following request:

PUT /API/Account/{accountID}/Item/8449.json



  [json] => Array


      [ItemShops] => Array


          [ItemShop] => Array


              [itemShopID] => 43547

              [qoh] => 19





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  • messhiasmesshias Member Posts: 35

    I'm facing the same issue too, even the SaleLines seems broken too.

  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 221 moderator

    @Jean_Michel The error you're experiencing is due to a known issue where merged vendors create duplicate vendor IDs in items. You can simply remove one of the vendors from the product via the UI and this will allow you to update the item going forward.

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