Ordering with "Room" payment type

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We are implementing the Resto API in our in-room tablet for hotels. 

The goal is to allow guest in hotel room to order room service, send the order to lightspeed and bill the guest in the hotel Property Management System (PMS).

To do so, I am doing the following workflow:

  1. Pull products / categories with Inventory product & Inventory Product Group API
  2. Guest make its order in the tablet
  3. I create or retrieve (if it's not his 1st order) the customer with the Core - Customer APIs
  4. I sent the order to lightpseed with the Online ordering API and specify paymentTypeTypeId = 9 (Room)

There are still two things that are unclear to me:

  1. What is the field "paymentTypeId" used for ? I'm not sure I understand the difference with paymentTypeTypeId
  2. With payment type "Room", where do I specify the client room so that the bill is added to the right customer in the PMS ?

Can you help me clarify these points ? Please let me know if more details are needed.

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