Old gift certificates - best way to transition to lightspeed

aaggaagg Member Posts: 1

Hi there,

Lightspeed is our first POS. For the last 7 years our garden center has functioned with a simple cash register and an index box of customer rewards club. We have like 1800 customers in the index box. The deal is they make 6 purchases and get a gift certificate for 10% back as in store credit.

Anyhow I’m still working through our inventory - haven’t gotten to loyalty portion yet. Was introducing staff to new system yesterday and ? came up on how to apply the old gift certificates. Do I go through and enter all of them per customer via account migration? Or enter it in that payment type as they come in? Concerned that way could get abused by cashier for “discounts” for friends...

Also w the 6 box program, there are transactions on there where customer is only 3-4 visits from getting gift certificate to redeem. I haven’t looked at customer import spreadsheet yet - can I import those transactions? Or am I entering them every single customer (once in system)...

Questioning what my best use of time transitioning to loyalty program. Lots of my customers little old ladies so they will not tolerate previous purchases being vaporized!

Thanks in advance!


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