Omnichannel (or not?) product publishing/unpublishing automation

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Hello all, I'm working on something that I think some people might find useful. Basically it's an application that simplifies the process of publishing products to eCom if you have an omnichannel setup. I don't think this would be useful for someone who has a limited number of products. Where I think it might be useful is when someone has a few hundred or few thousand products, and if they want to periodically change what's available in eCom without having to click "publish to ecom" a few hundred times or if one doesn't want to embark on the all or nothing approach.

It would be awesome to find out if anyone out there is looking for a product like this!


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    I think that by default, the tickbox is ticked. Newly created items are then published to eCom. Granular control is the way to go, from what I understand you're suggesting a solution to bulk "publish to ecom" is that it?

    Can you provide a case scenario describing the benefits of your idea?

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    Retail has a setting which dictates if newly created products have the box "Publish to eCom" checked.

    Also note that if you delete/unpublish an item from eCom, within Retail, all content in eCom gets deleted (SEO, descriptions, related products, etc.). A better way would be to make the product hidden in eCom, unless, the product will never be sold (online) again.

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    So this has stemmed from another project that involves a constantly rotating set products that are drop shipped. For example, say one has a list of 10000 products that could be sold, and one picks 5000 (to stay in the plan limit) of those products to publish to eCom. Then, at some point down the road, a different, but possibly intersecting set of the original number of products is decided on. The tool would then either un-publish ( or hide ) the products/items from eCom based of the new product list automatically.

    This gets around the default publish everything to eCom, nothing, or manually select what you want to publish. Where this makes no sense is with shops that only have a few ( 250 or less??) items that are relatively static.

    Basically, it would let someone automate the publication of items to eCom based on a user specified criteria. It also does some general retail related things like automated image imports, inventory updates, etc, but those functions also depend on other 3rd party data sources.

    @Joey, it theoretically can do the hiding based on the eCom settings, but omnichannel disables direct writing to the product. So, the only option is to 0 out inventory in retail and set eCom so that it hides product with no inventory? Also, do non-visible products count towards the eCom plan product limit?

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    I didn't respond to @maurisource, yes that's it exactly.

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