Custom API Integration

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Our website uses the following Wordpress plugin API:

plugin documentation:

What we are looking to do:

1. When adding a new product into Lightspeed we need a field where we can assign a location to each new item. We would like to have a column in the import Lightspeed CSV where we can add a location per item if this is possible. This way locations can be added to products as they are mass imported.  

2. We need to integrate this 'field' with the API we use with our website liked above. Note: Again our website already uses this API we just need to add a field in LS and sync the field with our website.

3. We have already developed a hook that allows each item to have a custom field in the product data section in woocommerce in our backend see this link: again we would like to integrate the API to work with this existing field.

To provide a visual for how we would like the API to function with the plugins 'selective sync' feature: 

Again plugin documentation for reference:

We understand that Lightspeed may not be able to make these modifications, but could we hire a developer to modify our existing API. Does anyone know of a developer who could do this work? The current developers of the plugin are still contacting us back on the issue but it has been quite some time. Being a developer myself I do not do API frameworks so this is out of my scope. Thank you. 



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