Scheduled e-mailed reports?

gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 683 

I have a custom LS Analytics report set to automatically e-mail the 1st day of each month. My CFO didn't receive his yet. Checking various spam filters it doesn't appear to be trapped in any of those areas either. Any specifics about the time of day this would be automatically e-mailed?


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 683 

    A chat dialog resulted in a ticket with LS Retail support being opened. Strange how a seemingly simple question is taking awhile to get an answer for.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 683 

    Finally heard back from LS Retail support regarding this. There was an issue discovered where these scheduled LS Analytics reports didn't mail out. The matter has been resolved. FYI if anyone is curious.

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