Variable Supplier Discounts on Purchase Orders

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We are a business that often receives product at different discount levels depending on whether the product is "pre-booked" or ordered "at-once", also different categories of product can be discounted at different rates from the same supplier. Example: We can fill-in on footwear from a company at a 7% discount off of the catalog price, but we only receive a 5% discount when we fill-in on accessories from the same company. These items will often be included on the same Purchase Order.

The issue is that while Lightspeed Retail does allow you to put a bulk discount on a purchase order, this discount must apply to everything on that PO. Furthermore, you are not able to manually line adjust the % discount on selected items if there is a bulk discount already applied. The only way I can see to have different discounts on a single PO is to manually calculate and enter the end cost for each line item.

Breaking up orders into multiple PO's by Item types with the same discount is also possible, but this could create confusion among the suppliers and could affect shipping discounts based on minimum order value.

Anyway, if anyone has found a work around to this issue, or if I have missed something, please let me know.




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    We have the exact same issue! Would love to know if there's a work-around or fix for this scenario. We often will have different products receiving different discounts on a "pre-season/order" Ranging from 2-30%, it's a little tricky to direct price in the cost of the product because re-order terms are usually discounted less or not at all.

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