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Howdy folks,

Any update on being able to deactivate the cash payment type as an option when finalizing a sale? We don't accept cash in our business, so currently when a sale finishes as a cash payment type we have to void it and re-create the ticket with the proper payment type. It's a bit of a hassle. There were a handful of threads about this in the previous Ideas & Suggestions Forum, but I didn't see one here yet. Open to suggestions on better ways of handling these until we can turn cash off!


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    Hi there!

    As you cannot archive cash payment, my suggestion in a situation when you accidentally use that payment instead of another would be the following;

    You don't have to void and then re-process, when you go into the Sale ID, you can actually select the Payments button on the left and change the payment type via a drop down :)

    Super quick and easy if you have the permission and no need to re-process.

    Hope this helped.
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    Thanks for the feedback, acebevacqua. That would work if I could change the payment type to "on account". One issue specific to us is that we don't accept cash, so unless I can change it to a payment method that indicates "still needs to be collected", this approach doesn't work.
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    Is there anything on the docket to make the "cash" payment type deactivate-able? I continue to have this issue, and while I understand that to some degree it's a matter of training the sales reps, errors still happen and it would be a lot simpler if "cash" could simply be turned off. I don't understand why it's mandatory to begin with.

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    You know what would help in the meantime - if the option to "Require Customer" were available for cash (as it is on every other payment type). One of the issues we run into is when a sales rep enters a cash ticket without a customer on it. When I pull the report and ask them to re-roll the ticket to charge the customer, they can't remember who it was for.

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