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I have an open LS Retail Support trouble ticket for an issue where our integrated Vantiv payment terminal is successfully processing a transaction, the payment hits from our accounting folks' perspective, but the success code isn't being successfully seen back in LS Retail. So we have a growing handful of pending/incomplete sales in LS Retail.

Until I can hear something back from LS Retail Support, I'm trying to query daily sales using the API. In order to pull any transactions that are Completed = No, Cancelled = No, Voided = No but have money in the Totals field (from the web client front end's POV). Here is what I have for my API GET request:


If I exclude the calcPayments=0.00 &calcTotal=>,0.00 query parameters I get a good response back. But when I attempt to employ these query parameters I get back an error response:


An error has occurred and we've been notified.

Please try again and if this problem persists please contact support.


Is there a way to easily pull off this query, or do I always need to pull all sales, iterate through each transaction, and then parse things out?


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    After a full day's time, no one appears to have picked up the trouble ticket I opened for this issue (https://retail-support.lightspeedhq.com/hc/en-us/requests/781682?page=1). Not even any sort of automated acknowledgment. Is this typical?

    In lieu of any movement on that trouble ticket, can anyone here recommend a quick and easy API URL query parameter set that I could use as a stop-gap for catching these anomalies?

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    Hello @gregarican,

    I'm contacting our Retail agents to reply back to you as soon as possible.

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    Thanks Alex, appreciate that. Any chance you have any insight about an API call I could make that would pull these bogeys? As I posed above, I just need to narrow down my GET request to include transactions with a total sales amount > $0.00 that has a payment total of $0.00.

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    Let me do some quick test to see if we can get that information

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    So Alex, did you have any luck with testing? Please let me know when you get a chance.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

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    Pinging this again. Just looking for any sort of feedback regarding this. Can anyone get back to me?

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    Hello Greg,

    I appreciate your patience. I tested and I tried to find a better solution for you, unfortunately I couldn't find any. The reason why you are getting the error message when you use the calcPayment or calcTotal is because their value is calculated when they are required, they aren't store in the db.

    I tried using the Total value as a query parameter but it's also a calculation, I'm submitting a ticket to our Development team to allow using one of these values as a query parameters.

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    Awesome. Thanks so much! This will definitely be a help for us keeping on top of daily reconciliations.

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