Import Errors

Joshea DanksJoshea Danks Member Posts: 1

I wonder if anyone has run into the same errors I have in LS Retail, Recently we moved to the system and on more and one occasion I have encountered an error were a Vendor ID has a "-" in the ID and LS import tool, and The import team have added this as "+AC0-".

When I caught this the first time It was after I had sent the import team a File to upload with 2019 Products from a vendor. I replied back to the response on the import and Evidently the Import Member uploaded the file the same way multiple additional times, changing all the existing items in the catalog to have the same error, and be in LS Catalog results 5-6 time each, once we fixed this the proper Vendor IDs were added 4 more times in the Catalog so for any given I Item i have upwards of 10 times.

More recently I have encountered this same error with the Import tool for Purchase Orders. and the "+AC0-" causes the Vendor IDs to not match.

I do use LibreCalc most of the time but have encountered this with Microsoft Excel as well.

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