Configuring the proper subdomain for currencies

ns26ns26 Member Posts: 1

Hey guys!

We've been trying to adjust the url for our different currency pages (we have USD, our default, EUR and GBP) but without any luck. The url of our webstore is working as intended on it's default currency (i.e. but the moment we switch currency to either EUR or GBP the url will look like: "".

I've tried adjusting the links in the navigation menu (which does nothing) and also adjusted the scripts "custom.rain" and "fixed.rain" which consist the <li> links. As mentioned above, the default (USD) page's <li> is just "" and the other two pages (for EUR and GBP) have the webshopapp inclusions. I've adjusted them in there but doing that just redirects the user to a non-functional link.

How do I adjust these subdomains properly? Our SSL certificates are working fine.

Thanks for your time.

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