Unable to set serialized items to backorder

There is a present issue with being unable to set an invoice for an item to backorder. If you click in the quantity and try to set it to zero, the user is unable to click in the quantity box to set it to zero. The issue happened for the backorder quantity - user is unable to click in this box to set QTY from 0 to another number.

Here are some tips that work when running into this.
1) Set the QTY to Zero BEFORE setting the Backorder QTY.
2) Keep trying. Eventually you will be able to change it. If not, close the unsaved Invoice and start again with step 1. This may take 15-20 clicks to be able to make the change..

Issue has been posted to LightSpeed Support.

Lightspeed 2015 2.3.x

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  • njsoblenjsoble Lightspeed Staff Posts: 2 Lightspeed

    Thank you for your contribution to this particular issue. At this time, we have reported the difficulties with Backordered serialized items to development, and we expect to have a resolution to this issue in an upcoming release.

    As you mention above, in order to avoid erroneously entering serial numbers when Backordering, we are recommending that the user quickly double-clicks on the 'Qty' field in order to update it to 0, and update the BO field to the appropriate number.

    Support will be sure to reach out to any users who have reported experiencing this issue when the update is available.
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