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Hello Lightspeed,

I'm a distributor and your retail platform is integrated with our API.

One of our customer that we have in common has reached out saying that he received error messages when trying to create a cart from your platform. Since we have exclusive products, he cannot get those products therefore we both lose sales.

What would be the procedure to help out this customer ?

Thank you!




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    @stetreault We would need more information. What is the integration? How does it work? What is the error message they're receiving.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    Lightspeed is calling our API (Hawley) to gather our catalog and to create carts on our B2B web site. We have been integrated for more than 2 years.

    The diagnostic Information was : AccountID: 58267 Shop: "*****" TimeStamp: 2019-03-13T10:33:10-07:00

    The message they received was :

    "There was an error sending Purchase Order 3265 Error Message: Received an error from Hawley: Error from Hawley"

    They processed a cart containing 2 items and only one was created on our side. We don't create cart if we have an error so it was probably coming from your side. Not sure why though.

    What would be the next steps ?



  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 220 moderator

    Hi Simon, since Hawley is an integrated vendor, this type of issue is handled by retail support. I have created a ticket for you and someone from our retail escalations team will be reaching out to you to discuss further. Going forward, when you encounter an issue with the integration, you can reach out to retail frontline, just be sure to let them know you are an integrated vendor (Purchase orders have direct communication and show stock levels) so that you can be routed correctly!

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