Does anyone at Lightspeed use Excel???

NickSNickS Posts: 7Member

The idea of a fully integrated POS and accounting package is that you can ditch the spreadsheets right?! Given my posts elsewhere as a newbie here you may have heard me griping about having to do lots and lots and lots of reconciliations to figure out what is going on. Consequently I do lots of exports to Excel.

Every single file I open the first thing I have to do is a 'Find, Replace' - why are all of the monetary figures exported with the following "£" (copied and pasted straight from Excel as it is constantly in my 'Find' box)? I'd rather have no denomination and rely on the column heading. Oh - and column headings that start with certain characters like "=" also do not play nicely in Excel.

If there's a setting somewhere I missed please let me know so I can save a little bit of time!

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