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HallieTT88HallieTT88 Posts: 6Member

Is anyone else using Lightspeed Loyalty? My understanding was that there would be a V2 out by now with some additional updates, but I can't find any discussion on this. I was excited to get on board with the Lightspeed version rather than using Kangaroo or Thirdshelf because the pricing was much more affordable, and the format seems pretty simple and well-integrated, but it does lack some things that I would like to see. One concern is that there is no way to set an expiration date for points earned, so once someone makes a big purchase they have an endless bank of points to redeem, which affects what rewards we might want to offer. Another issue with no expiration date of points is that when you set up "VIP" status as a certain number of points, after a period of time, everyone who shops occasionally becomes a VIP, so the rewards associated with this also need to be what you offer every regular customer rather than true "VIP's". I also wish we could add scan cards/key fobs to scan where we add the customer name - it would help immensely at checkout to avoid errors with imputing customers (including duplicates) and also further enforces the loyalty concept. Does anyone know of any updates coming, or can you offer suggestions about how Lightspeed Loyalty is working in your store? We're just in the process of getting ours up and running and I would value any input.



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    We had conversations with Kangaroo and their program seemed outstanding. We waited on Lightspeed rewards to roll out, and we were unimpressed with their first stab at it. Seems to me that they are more concerned with the monthly fee than getting the program right. Any comments on Kangaroo vs Lightspeed??

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    We looked into Kangaroo and Third Shelf and both were appealing in different ways. I liked that Lightspeed Loyalty was a little simpler and cost-effective, but now I wish I had revisited Kangaroo and Third Shelf before pulling the trigger on Lightspeed Loyalty. I did a demo with both, but haven't really used them so I'm not sure I'm the best at answering that question. It's been a while since we did the demo. The lack of points expiration is a huge sticking point for us, and I'm kind of regretting not going back and doing a second demo with both Kangaroo and Thirdshelf. Both had some added features that Loyalty doesn't have but they were more expensive too. We signed up on a promo before Lightspeed Loyalty was launched and I was expecting a few more updates which we haven't seen. Disappointed so far, but maybe something is coming...

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    Hi @HallieTT88 ,

    thank you for your feedback, it is very much appreciated as we constantly work towards improving our services and features.

    This is also the case for Lightspeed Loyalty as we've added features that we might not have delved into with you yet.

    If you want us to schedule a one on one conversation regarding Loyalty it would be my pleasure to reach out and set it up.

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best wishes,

    Ahmed Rachedi

    Ahmed Rachedi
    Frontline Support Specialist 

    866-932-1801 ext 2 (Toll-Free)
    514-907-1801 ext 2 (Montreal)

    700 St-Antoine Est, Suite 300, Montreal, QC, H2Y1A6

  • HallieTT88HallieTT88 Posts: 6Member

    Yes, Let's set up a call time. I would like to know what these improvements are, and hoping we can start actually using Lightspeed Loyalty soon.

  • vyperr3vyperr3 Posts: 4Member

    @GWA monthly fees and pay walls is Lightspeed's middle name :)

  • fansfans Posts: 15Member

    Maybe it is more interesting for us to do the discusion here? .So we can follow . i'm thinking on using Lightspeed Loyalty to, in future .

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