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I can't find much discussion here about Lightspeed Loyalty? My understanding was that there would be a V2 out by now with some additional updates, but I can't find anything on this. I was excited to get on board with the Lightspeed version rather than using Kangaroo or Thirdshelf because the pricing was much more affordable, and the format seems pretty simple and well-integrated, but it does lack some things that I would like to see. One concern is that there is no way to set an expiration date for points earned, so once someone makes a big purchase they have an endless bank of points to redeem, which affects what rewards we might want to offer. Another issue with no expiration date of points is that when you set up "VIP" status as a certain number of points, after a period of time, everyone who shops occasionally becomes a VIP, so the rewards associated with this also need to be what you offer every regular customer rather than true "VIP's". I also wish we could add scan cards/key fobs to scan where we add the customer name - it would help immensely at checkout to avoid errors with imputing customers (including duplicates) and also further enforces the loyalty concept. Does anyone know of any updates coming, or can you offer suggestions about how Lightspeed Loyalty is working in your store? We're just in the process of getting ours up and running and I would value any input.


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    I extra agree with the comments on points expiration and on yearly resets. Needs something more like an airline program where you get to a tiered status (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) and then it resets at the end of the year so you have to keep re-earning VIP.

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    I agree. I'd like to see VIP status set as a yearly reset (or for us to be able to choose the duration), and for us to be able to set points expiration for redemption purposes. In our old system, customers had 30 days to redeem rewards. I would like to be able to choose 30 days or 90 days or 1 year. Some of the rewards we would like to offer include free t-shirt, jersey, bike rental, $20 off purchase, % discount on services, etc. But if someone buys an expensive bike, they will be able to get a free jersey or $20 discount or any other reward each and every time they come in. The only way for this to work without expiration is for us to set the rewards so low that it won't hurt us for our best customers to get a discount every time they come in. But then it doesn't have as much value, which is no fun. Meanwhile while we try to figure it out, we haven't launched it which is frustrating!

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    We have scan card fobs for all of our in store customers. They let us scan the card, then magically, it pulls Mr Smiths name up without hunting through all the Smiths(no disrespect intended to Smiths)

    I entered the card under users information under

    other>under email 2 is >Custom.

    Now when I scan their card, it pulls them up immediately ...hope this helps, and L/Speed should implement this information in their vast knowledge really makes the customers day as if you have your card and we scan it, they get a 6% discount off their entire purchase (just so happens to be the tax rate here in good ole Kentucky)....people love it!

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    i just came over from another system and we had a loyalty program in place. Very frustrated that I can't import my 2000+ registered customers. I would have to wait til they come in and then make them get an email and fill our information that we already have. Doesn't make sense since we were able to import our customers, items, and sales.

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    I agree that yearly resets need to be part of Lightspeed Loyalty. Once a customer reaches the yearly VIP status they can receive double points or special offers. This provides incentive for customers to shop and be "loyal" rather than just providing a discount club for occasional buyers. This feature needs to get moved up the queue!

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    We've been in business for 5 years and people like the fact that we have a loyalty program now, which is something I'm pretty sure very few retailers in our industry offers. Usually it's a discount percentage, but I like using a points system for us since that encourages people to buy more, plus points for credit towards future purchases are what a lot of stores in Japan use for loyalty since we deal with a lot of anime goods.

    Feature not built in yet is assigning point values/multipliers which we would like on featured items such as get 1.5-2.0x points for buying specific products.

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