How to hide a category of items from a particular Customer Group? (or show only to said group)

Somewhat simple setup - Let's say that there are two customer groups - Guys & Gals, which are managed manually once confirming which group the customer belongs in. The customer group names don't matter, but just as an example. There are many product categories, but one in particular: "Feminine products", which we're going to talk about.

Guys should be able to see & buy all products, EXCEPT products in the "Feminine products" category. Those should be either (best case) hidden, or (at least) not purchasable by Guys.

Gals should obviously be able to see and buy everything, including those products in the special category above.

I can't seem to find a way to hide items from a customer group (or the alternate... show for all except a certain customer group). Any ideas, or anyone have a solution?


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    Hello @joshsylvester,

    I understand what you are trying to do but this functionality is unfortunately not possible at the moment. We do have a feature request to implement the customer group variable and make it available through the API on the frontend of the eCommerce. I will create a support ticket which tracks these requests and link it to your account.

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