timeStamp not getting updated on a sale

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I've noticed that an item's <timeStamp> tag is not getting updated whenever a sale is completed in Lightspeed (and the inventory get decremented). I believe this used to be the case but now I see that there are <timeStamp> tags on the ItemShop relation and that those tags get updated whenever a sale completes and the inventory gets decrement.

I think the inconsistency comes from when I manually decrement or increment inventory of an item using the UI and that seems to update the Item's <timeStamp> tag, but this does not happen when a sale is completed.

This is somewhat inconvenient for integrations since querying via the API seems like it's limited to an item's <timeStamp> field. Is there a way to change the query so it looks at the <timeStamp> fields of the related ItemShops?

Also, is this the behavior that's going to exist moving forward? Is there a way we can also update the Item's <timeStamp> tag to reflect a change in its inventory?


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