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I run a multi-vendor marketplace and before we launch I thought it would be fantastic to have this type of API available. I run it though my WordPress site using WooCommerce and Dokan Multi Vendor.

If I am correct, your API allows a user to enter a product UPC and through your system, the image corresponding to that product is able to be obtained.

Is this something we could use for our multi-vendor marketplace and if so, how could we?


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    @GearedUp what you're referring to is an Integration rather than an API endpoint.

    You would leverage the power of our APIs together with a programming language to achieve your given request.

    This would involve two API endpoints:

    The Item endpoint:

    The Item Image Endpoint:

    A query to the Item endpoint would look like this


    From this you will be able to receive the itemID. From the itemID, you can make a request to see the images associated with this item.

    A request to the Item Image endpoint looks like this


    You'll receive a singular object or list of objects. In each object you'll have the baseImageURL and a publicID. Concatenate them together and you'll have a URL that would give you your image.

    You'll likely want to build this as some sort of WooCommerce plugin or general script that you run at intervals so every new item is subject to the same instructions

    If you are a programmer, you can start by creating an API client to initiate these requests in Retail here:

    If you don't write code, you might ask our trusted third party developers to build this for you:

    * AdVision,

    * HyperSpace, or

    * Accumula.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for all of that!

    I am not a coder so I will likely need to use one of your third party developers to help me out... but I was able to follow with what you were describing.

    In the end, if a Vendor were to upload a UPC they would not have to go digging for the product image themselves correct?

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