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I'm having trouble with my domain and lightspeed. I can access my webstore using www.(domain).com but not (domain).com. I contacted my domain provider (netfirms) but they said I had to configure a 301 redirect on the external server. Is that even a thing you can do in Lightspeed?

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    Hi mysteryman141,

    Your (domain).com is what's usually called a "bare domain", that's your domain without any sort of subdomain. When using Lightspeed eCom, you can only point subdomains to Lightspeed servers, it's not possible to point the bare domain to us at the moment (you can read more about domains in our Help Centre).

    Some domain providers (like GoDaddy) do allow you to configure a redirect directly in their admin panel, so my suggestion is to take a look at your domain provider's help pages to determine whether they give you this option or not.
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