SSL Certificate / API Error

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Hi - my name is Conway. We are a technology company in New Orleans, LA that is working with a wine retailer, who utilizes the product OnSite. We are running a wine festival next month where we are building an API to integrate into the retailer's POS system.

We are having an issue with the SSL certificate. We are unable to make an API request without getting the response: "The client sent a plain HTTP request, but this server only speaks HTTPS on this port."

The platform we are developing on does not allow us to ignore this. Additionally, the certificate when we try to hit it from the web browser says:


Subject: Bradys Server

Issuer: LightSpeed Server Certificate Authority

Expires on: Oct 12, 2068

Current date: Mar 22, 2019"

Any help would be appreciated. How do we get a valid SSL certificate replaced?



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