Bulk, Case, or Item Count Discounts?

Hello! It doesn't look like there is support for quantity, item count, or bulk discounts to be automatically applied?

I am migrating from another POS (Quickbooks POS) where we were able to do automatic bulk discounts. For example, we offer a case discount of 10% off the purchase of any 12 bottles.

Also, we have a $99 Case program where we offer certain bottles at various normal prices ($11, $10.50, $14, whatever), but if you buy a case of the specially tagged wines it's $99. In our old POS, we had them set up in their own category, and we could create a pricing rule where if you had 12 items from that category, it changed all the prices to $8.25.

The discounting/pricing rules I am seeing here seem pretty limiting. Wondering if I was missing a trick for count-based discounts?

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  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Posts: 9Member
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    Another one that no one from LightSpeed answered, so I called support.

    The answer was "no, can't do this." No ability to do item-count based discounts, no bulk , no BOGO.

    The suggestion was to create a discount and apply it manually.

    This is a TERRIBLE idea. I do not let employees make discounts at the cash wrap. I am not sure why anyone but the smallest owner-ran retailers would allow that. You get sweethearting and margin erosion all over the place. After all the work we put in to pricing strategy, I don't want an employee (or even an owner) making a judgement call at the cashwrap where they have zero visibility in to cost/margin at the time. Even with us, it's not a question of trust in my employees, it's that they can't be expected to understand the economics on every SKU and make a call on a discount in the middle of a sale. That's why we spend all this money on Loyalty, Analytics, and everything else so this is better optimized.

    So promotion pricing is definitely an area LightSpeed needs to work on. We should have more functionality around automated discounts and promotions. We should be able to put in item-count based discounts, pricing contingent on item purchase (BOGO, BOGOHO, etc.).


  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 369Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator

    Thank you for sharing your concerns and insights for us! This is something that we're aware of. Would you be willing to share these insights in the customer suggestions forums so other people can add their voice to this? https://us.merchantos.com/ideas/

  • NealNeal Posts: 3Member

    I have been asking about this for two years now. It is incredibly frustrating that the eCom side of lightspeed can do a "buy 3 get different pricing" but the retail side can not.

    One other issue recently realized (and informed LS about) is that when you put an item on sale using a created discount whole dollar amount (say $2 off) it only will apply the discount once. So if someone buys 2 or more of the same item they do not get $4 or more off.

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