How do I test credit/debit card transactions without an Ipad or a physical card-swiper

m_klippam_klippa Posts: 5Member

Hello Lightspeed community,

I’m currently implementing the lightspeed retail API in our product, and mostly everything is working as expected.

However, I also want to test transactions that are paid with a creditcard and a debitcard (At the moment I can only test with cash transactions).

But I encountered 2 problems trying this, I hope you can help me with these:

  1. I’m not able to pay with creditcard/debitcard though the webinterface (see image), and I also don’t have a retail endpoint or an iPad. Is there another way to emulate this information?
  2. I found the API-endpoint structure for creditcard transactions (here), which I also implemented. However, I can’t find anything about debitcard transactions, is this the same as a CCCharge?

Hopefully someone can help me with this and point me in the right direction.


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