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Is there any way I can create a shipment with the API?

We want to update our orders in de webshop when they are shipped. But when I update the order with shipmentstatus: Shipped, it is not updated.

I've found out that this only works when there is a shipment created for the order.

We don't create shipments in de webshop, we deliver them ourselves, and packaginglists etc. are created in our ERP

So, I need some way to create the shipment first, and then set shipmentstatus to shipped.



  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator

    @DennisGeus you said "when you update the order with shipmentstatus: shipped" it is not updated. Is this a manual update or an API update, and can you show us an example of where there is no change because you need create a Shipment for the order first.

    Why don't you just create a shipment method then?

    Whether you use the API or not, you'll need to create a shipping method if you want to mark something as shipped.

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  • DennisGeusDennisGeus Member Posts: 16 ✭

    It was an API update, yes.

    But I now know that this will only work when I set the workflow to send order with invoice.

    When the invoice is created, the shipment is created too.

    too bad, there is no API endpoint that creates the shipment.

    consider this solved, for now.

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