Massachusetts Sales Tax Exemption Question

Hi! Are there any retailers out there based in MA? We're opening up a pop up shop next month and noticed that the tax is tricky. Does anyone know how to go about this? Form my understanding, clothing and shoes are exempt up to $175, and then tax is charged only on the difference. When talking to customer service, I was told to create a Non-Inventory Item and manually calculate the tax for the items that retailed over $175. We are expecting to be a high volume store, so it just doesn't feel right to have to go through all these extra steps. Help!

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  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 13

    Tax on $175 is $10.93. As a work around you could make a discount code for $10.93 that you apply to all sales over $175.00. It would take almost no time to apply the "coupon" and no calculations would be necessary.

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