Reserving stock from existing PO

RCSRCS Member Posts: 1

Can there please be an easier way to reserve stock from an incoming PO (stock not yet received but in transit)? The current way is a little clunky and has a massive flaw. If you go to add an order request to an existing PO and there is plenty of stock coming of that particular product a dialogue box will appear asking if you'd like to "reserve from qty ordered" or "add to qty", which is fine. If you add an order request to a PO where the PO has the exact amount of stock coming as there is requested Lightspeed will just automatically add the qty. This seems a little crazy because the PO should really stay at the original quantities. If we have a shipping container in transit, on the sea, how on earth can we add to that shipment?

Any feedback or acknowledgement of this issue would be greatly appreciated. We really like Lightspeed onsite, but it feels like the updates and bug fixes are not that regular and the cloud based POS is getting all the attention.

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