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At our 3 locations we operate from we all get outdated versions of our home page.

We update our hero image but we can’t see it for days and some times weeks!

since we have theme editor enabled we do not get auto updates that is supposed to resolve this issue!

Who thinks that it is acceptable that we should have to pay to get HD images on our site and server issues to do with caching fixed?

Currently we have over 8 unresolved tickets open and have been told firstly that we are getting many of the issues we are experiencing because we have customisations to our theme. Then we have also been told that not enough customers are experiencing the issues so they will unlikely get fixed!

I have asked the customer success team to clarify what is regarded as an acceptable level of faults and they say they can’t. We have been offered is a 1 hr on boarding session to see how we could better manage things our end as if we are the problem.

What really amazes us is the indifference and lack of care there is. I really think lightspeed urgently needs a new department and should also start to address the issue of how complaints are handled and also this culture of blame and acceptance of failing customers. Staff should stand up to the managers and asset hustlers and demand more for those of us who don’t trade under 20 lines and are outside of USA and Canada. 5 times a week we get messages from customers telling us there was an issue with the checkout, Aberdeenshire could not be changed from the county field. We wanto be moving forward looking at a new blog/community interface as what lightspeed offers is tragic or looking at AR to place paintings on a wall at home, not constantly bogged down in bugs.

Dasliva how do you sleep at night?

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    I can't speak from experience since I have only evaluated LS e-Com in a test environment, but from what I saw it wasn't truly or tightly integrated with LS Retail. Which was our goal. We here stuck with Shopify, as we were able to leverage the API and create our own integration sets. This should be possible (with the help of either internal devs or third party integrators) for Magento, WooCommerce, etc. as well.

    First of all, nowadays it's all about being omni-channel and providing a seamless customer experience. Secondly, for internal staff it's about being efficient and reducing redundancies. From what I saw evaluating LS e-Com, it fell short in both regards.

    Customers want to be able to shop online just as they would in-store. To be able to view location inventory availability, to be able to have a sales associate pull up their online wishlist in-store, to be able to use in-store credit while they are online, etc. This is the standard. And company endusers want to be able to mirror in-store products online, to have the various areas all automatically sync, to be able to manage their products, customers, and sales activity in one place, etc. Again, this is the standard.

    I would suggest researching the other e-com platforms, and determining which one fulfills most of your requirements. And possibly reaching out to a third party integration provider if you find one that checks more of the boxes. There are definitely more mature e-com frameworks out there, but you will need to ensure that integrations are in place. Especially if not available out of the box :)

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    All of what you say I agree with. Those should be the very starting points of a successful omnichannel platform. We don’t even need that! All we would like is for the service we pay for, to work as advertised, and for greater resources/ integrations for EU. Shipping api’s that work when they say they do, pay pal payments to be fault free, Java filtration errors eradicated, blogs that people’s wanto make and use, Apple Pay, matrix shopping made easy, and much more built into the theme that would justify the £. Newsletter support, integration with Mailchimp e-commerce, loyalty, LEAD data for us not app dev’s and the biggest pie in the sky of all omni freakin’ chat from retail > www and I mean the whole 9 yards.

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