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I'm searching what the best way is to work with a lot of products. Currently we have an professional account and going to the 15000 products. We want to create them automatically and update them automatically. But currently we are facing the limit of 300 calls for 5 minutes and 3000 for an hour. When we add the products, you got 10 calls. This means that we can only do 300 items a hour, that means that we need to wait for a little bit more then 2 days before are products are added in the store. For a fast changing catalog this is not really what we want to do every time.

Next to that, we are going to update the products a lot, for example the stock but also some content related things. This means we have a average of two calls for every product every hour. But it already takes 10 hours before we can process the changes of one hour. So that is not possible. Even updating the stocks for all the products every hour is not possible on time.

Is there a way that we can send batch changes automatically. So like the product import but then trough the API or something like that.



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    I have wished for something like this for awhile now. But for LS Retail. You can batch GET records at 100 items max per "page" pull. It would be nice to PUT or POST 100 items per API call. If my math is correct, your 2 day runtime would be essentially reduced to about a half hour!

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    Hey @Jippie, if you call your account manager, you can apply to get an increase in your API limits for your eCom keys

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