Query API for All Items Whose Specific CustomFieldValue changed in the past 24 hours

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When I am hitting the /Account/{accountID}/Item API method resource I want to know of the best query I can run to obtain only the items whose specific CustomFieldValue changed in the past 24 hour period.

Currently when I attempt to do this using the .timeStamp I will get back all of the updated products in that timeframe.

For example...


This above request works and returns the data I need but it is sending back all items that have been updated due to any action, it also sends back all of the CustomFieldValues.

I only want to get the items back that have had a specific CustomFieldValue that was modified.

So this is kinda a pseudo example of what I'm going after...


What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you!

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    Hey @jzbg, unfortunately you're not able to do this with the API. The best you're going to do is to store the payload of the data in a DB and then periodically check the API for changes, recording the timestamp.

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