OnSite won't backup since November 13, 2018

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I've got a few locations and at least one is running Lightspeed 2016 (r13) which is obviously old but I don't need any new features and it works great for what I need it to do. However, for some reason, it won't backup. Last backup shown in Users>Shared>LightSpeed>Backups is November 13, 2018 with consistent backups before then.

There were no hardware changes then and the Mac was and is still running OS 10.11.6 since I have no need to upgrade and have aps all of a sudden stop working.

When logging in to use LightSpeed, it gives the warning that it is unable to verify that any automated backups have completed in the last 7 days and to check the backup schedule.

If I go into Tools>Utilities>Backup Database, I get "Lightspeed could not communicate with the backup server due to a configuration error."

If you go into System Preferences and the LightSpeed Server preference pane - and the server is running - and then I click on the Backup "tab", I immediately get a "Communication to the Lightspeed server daemon failed" message. (Unlocking to make changes does not help BTW)

I don't know if this is related but if I look in Console, I see this occasionally "4/24/19 2:23:34.675 PM Lightspeed Server Manager Helper[2228]: BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_WRITE] delete: "Bad file descriptor" - 0x9"

This has been going on for months and I'd like to backup. Any ideas? Huge thanks in advance.



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    Hello Akami,

    That seems like the Backup Daemon and the Server Postgres are disconnected. That can be caused by a few things.

    A quick way to resolve this is to re-run the installer - the first step it asks you for your password, to create a backup. You can choose the cancel button to move past this step and continue with the installation. This will more often than not resolve the issue. However, if the issue is not resolved it would require further investigation into the log files to find the root cause.

    Copy and past the link below to run the installer:




    Lightspeed OnSite uses a root certificate to establish a secure connection between the server and the client. The original certificate included in OnSite at its release has a 10-year lifespan which will expire on July 22nd, 2019. In order to continue using Lightspeed OnSite after that date, you'll need to update this certificate.

    Technical Support, Onsite

    Lightspeed HQ


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