Inventory Count - Compare Tab - Add a search/find box

TonyDehnkeTonyDehnke Member Posts: 17 ✭
When doing a full inventory count, on the compare tab, it would be nice to have a search/find box to enter a sku into to jump to it. When you have several thousand sku's it's a lot of scrolling to find one you want to check.


  • njsoblenjsoble Lightspeed Staff Posts: 2 Lightspeed
    Hi Tony,

    I can certainly see the benefit of having a search field in this window, and support would be happy to note this feature request.

    One method of working around this limiation would be to Export the Event and open the data in Excel (or another spreadsheet software) and searching certain SKUs there.
  • TonyDehnkeTonyDehnke Member Posts: 17 ✭
    True, but not really viable doing in multiple times doing a count and update.
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