Integrate a 2nd QBP account.

ec11ec11 Member Posts: 2

 We have one account with Litespeed but split into 2 stores. Our 2nd store has a different QBP account. I have the API Key & EFTP PW. Please contact me for that and to set up.



  • VanessaVanessa Lightspeed Staff Posts: 2 Lightspeed

    Hello @ec11 !

    Thanks for your question, the Lightspeed Quality Bicycle Product (QBP) feature can only be connected to one Lightspeed account at any given time. Here is the link to our help page on how to configure your QBP account if you have further questions please contact our Support Team.

  • ec11ec11 Member Posts: 2

    We have 2 accounts. One for each location. Why couldn't we just create another QBP vendor in our system and have you attach the API Key and EFTP PW?

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