Questions about integration, booking times and seat attributions

ZenchefZenchef Member Posts: 3
edited May 2019 in Development

Hello, we're currently testing our integration, and almost done with it. I have a few questions though :

  • can I send reservations on quarter times like :15 or :45 instead of :00 and :30 ?
  • Once a reservation is created, if I go to extra > Reservations, I can see it. If I attribute it on a table, when I go then on Tables, click on the table, it's asking me for the number of customers. How can I actually attribute a reservation to a table and start adding products ?
  • Is there a way to receive live modifications from Lightspeed ? Through webhooks or other way ? For example, If I change the status of a booking or a table on Lightspeed, can I receive a realtime or async callback with the modification ?


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