Retail Markdowns for Clearance Event

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What is the best way to do price changes? I own a women's boutique and if we have an end of season sale, what is the most efficient way to enter the markdowns in LS? Do I really need to create multiple price rules and add each item indiviually? I need to markdown hundreds of items and they are all not going to be the same percentage off or the same retail. There has to be a better way to enter markdowns and I can't be the only one that needs to do this.


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    Hi @savvychic ,

    if multiple items are of the same Category or Brand they can be added all at once to the price rule.

    This can be done by using the Add Multiple Items section or by putting in a "space" in the Item Search box under Add Items and pressing Enter. This will search "blank" bringing up all of your items allowing you to filter further and you can check off multiple items and add the selected items by clicking on the + Add Selected button at the bottom of the page.

    Creating Price Rules

    Otherwise, bulk price changes can be used as an alternative. Unfortunately this is not usually used for sales so it wouldn't reflect as a sale on your receipts. It's simply a tool that allows you to make price changes to a large amount of items:

    Making Bulk Pricing Changes

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    I'm with you on this one... I wish there was a way that we could just select the products in the product page and choose a percentage off for it to show as a sale in the products. Right now I'm:

    • finding the product in my eCom platform
    • going back to retail to change the 'online price'
    • going back to eCom to edit the original price

    There has to be a better way!!!

  • savvychicsavvychic Member Posts: 13

    Thank you for responding, however, what you described is how I currently have to do it and it is not efficient at all. We never mark down an entire category or brand nor do we use the same percentage or fixed price. We really need to be able to import items or at least select them using tags and not just category or brand.

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