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With our most recent changes to Analytics come improvements to how you use and prepare Calculations.

Not only can calculations be used to add content to your reports, now they can be used to create Custom Dimensions on your reports too.

Here is a basic overview of some changes to how Calculations will work going forward.

First, You'll find them somewhere else.

In the earlier versions of Analytics, Calculations were launched from the "Calculations" button on the "Data" bar...

But, now they will live under the section of "Custom Fields" above the Measures and Dimensions on your reports.

To launch a new Calculation, click on New> Table Calculation:

...and you will get the usual Calculation field...

Secondly, for efficiencies, Calculations are now launched one by one

instead of being stacked on top of each other. So if you want to add more, simply go back to the "New" button...

Third, you can save time by selecting "Duplicate"

to make a copy of an existing calculation...

The rest of the rules of functions and Calculations remain the same.


there are new tools: Custom Dimensions and Custom Measures will make it easier to design, build, and sustain custom reports that you need. Stay tuned for some new tips and tricks that will make it easier to build the reports that you need.

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