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I can't seem to find a way to customize the 404 page. Actually, I can't seem to find anything related to 404 management in this CMS. This is basic stuff. No apps, no help section, no blog post, nothing.

This is big for us because we have a lot of products and once they are unavailable, it just shows the homepage and I can't seem to customize any of this.


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    Hi, and thanks for the question!

    Within the platform, there is not a way to customize the 404 page directly, as the layout and styling of each site is dictated by the theme chosen.

    Some themes have built-in customization for 404 pages (simply filter by "404 page" in the "Conversion boosting features" section of our Theme store).

    If the theme you've chosen doesn't have a built-in 404 customization, it can be added in through customization to the index.rain file.

    To create such a customization, firstly create a customized snippet of theme code for your 404 page, to style it the way you'd like the page to appear.

    Next, add a conditional at the beginning of the code to check the page status, and include the created snippet if the status is 404 (i.e. page not found, and the customer was returned to the homepage (index.rain).

    If the status is not "404" the code will continue with the regular render of the homepage.

    An example of this code would be:

    {% if page.status == "404" %}
    {% include "snippets/customized404page.rain" %}
    {% else %}
     ...regular index.rain code 
    {% endif %}

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    How can I redirect all the 404 pages to the home page? Can you please guide.

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