Accepting payment that exceeds bill amount

How do I accept a payment that exceeds the bill amount?

For instance a $9.50 bill amount of which a customer pays $10? The system shows a credit of $-0.50. The receipt can't be finalised, unless it is at $0. How do I deal with this?

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    In this case, to be able to finalize the transaction, you need to press on your Cash button again for the system to know that the change due was given back to the customer. Then, the receipt will be at 0 and you will be able to finalize.

    This is actually a setting enabled on your account that prevents a user from finalizing a transaction that is not at 0, you can disable it.

    You can find this setting from the Restaurant manager in Devices > Restaurant app Settings, under Workflow settings, ''only finalize when 0''. If you disable it, you will not have to press cash twice when there is change due.

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