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if we use omnichannel retail + e-com, products added to retail go automatically to e-com webshop. you can not add products to e-com yourself.

if i have the product id of the webshop (i.e. 93157846), i can get information of this product through the e-com API.

but what i can not find (in product API or variant API) is the product id of the original product in retail (i.e. 210000000029), only SKU, but that is not always set or unique.

i need this to be able to manipulate product data in retail from an e-com app, as product data in omnichannel setup can only be set through retail API, not through e-com API

is there a way to get the RETAIL product id (210000000029) from the ECOM product (93157846) ?

thank you!



  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 176 moderator

    Unfortunately there isn't currently a way to fetch the Retail System ID from the eCom product endpoint. Most users work around this by using SKUs or EANs but they do need to be unique for this to work correctly. There has been an enhancement request filed for this feature so I will create a ticket and add you to the list of requesters.

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    thank you for making this clearer (so i do not waste time looking for it)

    i hope it will be implemented soon, as i think it is important for omnichannel app development

  • WynnerWynner Member Posts: 4

    Has there been any update to this? How do you find an eCom item by EAN or SKU?

  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 606 moderator

    @Wynner, nothing has changed in this area.

    Regarding finding eCom via EAN or other skus you can look at the following documentation:

    The filters will show you how to specify the specific items you want.

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  • thisconnectthisconnect Member Posts: 6

    so when omnichannel users only use the System SKU (System ID), there is no way to communicate between Retail and eCom through the API?

    in the general community forum i see a lot of users ask why 80-90% of the apps is not available for omnichannel shops.... well here is your answer!

    i can't imagine it would be difficult to show the Retail systemID (or itemID) of a product in the eCom API... it's very important in omnichannel setup, as you can not change product data without it.

    now only users who have always used a customSKU or EAN number in Retail can use our app...

    any changes or plans for it?

  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 176 moderator

    Hi @thisconnect there has indeed been an enhancement request filed to include the retail system ID in the product details in eCom. I will open you a ticket to note your interest in this feature. In the meantime, we recommend using imports to add the system ID to the customSKU field so it can be visible in eCom.

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